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Parshah Mnemonics: Lech-Lecha

Decoding the hidden messages

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Parshah Mnemonics: Lech-Lecha: Decoding the hidden messages

The parsha of Lech-Lecha contains 126 verses and the mnemonic are the words ‘nimolu’ (circumcised) and ‘machnadvay’. Explore the coded message in the mnemonic and its connection to the general themes of the parshah.
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Brit Milah, Lech-Lecha

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Rabbi Raskin Bklyn hgts NY November 8, 2016

Thank u
Bea and Paul,
May G-d continue to shine his countenance upon you! Reply

Anonymous October 26, 2015

So beautiful and life giving, thank you Rabbi Raskin for spreading the light of Torah. Gd bless you. Reply

Bea and Paul WNY October 22, 2015

Goodness, we love ALL Aaron Raskin's Lightt The Letters of Light got us started on our oath to deep interest in Torah and learning the depth of the Word of G-d. Thank you for this. We have made Aaron Raskin and Chabad Lubavitch of Brooklyn Heights our Amazon Smile program.

Thank you for bringing such depth of Light into the glorious, usually unseen, awe of the ink and skin. Reply

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