The sun rises anew every morning, and every moment we rely upon it to keep shining. So too, the Creator renews His creation into being and life with a continual flow of energy.

There is a distinction, however: The sun supports life spontaneously. It is not concerned, nor interested — nor even aware of the blade of grass that grows from its warmth and light. It is only being itself — a giant atom crusher in the sky — and we benefit here on earth.

Creation, on the other hand, is intentional. Every step along the way is a deliberate act, every detail is with intimate concern, every event is judged, decided and accounted for. He vitalizes each thing not only with His light — but, like an artist, with His entire Being.

And yet, He remains unchanged — like the sun above, and infinitely more so. Immanent, yet transcendent. For He knows no bounds.

Be as the Infinite Light:

Be within, stay beyond.