Failure and Return

How Sin Started
Initially, it was natural for man to follow woman. Read the story: What convinced Adam to eat of the Tree of Knowledge? Nothing -- just that Eve told him to. Then the roles were reversed. A curse, truly, for both of them...
Torn apart, we discover we are one.
Self-pity lies to you about who you are, and steals from you who you can be.
There is no failure that can’t be turned around.
Dig your hands into the earth
and the blossoms will come.
Wheat & Dates
The sweetest fruits of life take the longest to mature.
All resistance is to your advantage.
There’s no greater high than finding truth on your own.
When darkness fights back, it means there is something worth fighting for.
The bigger your beast, the more power when harnessed.
The Fair Maiden's Hero
Call out from the depths of your heart, and the depths of heaven ring.
Failure is when you’re given a chance to do the unexpected.
Life is about yearning. A good life is about yearning for good things.
I haven’t fallen down. I’m crouching before I leap.
All the world was formed from G‑d’s delight. There is nothing else.
To live is to yearn: to yearn to rise higher.
If life hands you a script, write a better one.
This is what it means to be human: a being that can surprise its Creator.