We need a perpetual reminder that whatever faults we have, they lie only at the periphery, in the very outer garments of the soul which are touched by the ego, the persona and the world in which they are enclosed. The core, however, remains always pure and whole.

Our job then is not so much to repair and renovate as it is to unleash that inner essence. To allow it free passage to the outside, so it may take charge of our thoughts, our words and all that we do.

Even when, only a moment ago, an animal raging within tore us from our true selves—yet, in an instant, we can return with all our heart.

We are like the prince dressed in rags—at any moment able to shed them and adorn the royal garb that brings out his true being. At any point in time we can return to the essential soul that remains untouched, unblemished, unshaken from its intimate bond with the Essence of All Things.

In fact, that is truly the entire purpose of the outer mask and crust that handicap the soul: They are only there as a sort of dam, holding back the mighty waters so as to harness them, to release their power with intensity a thousand-fold.