Part A: Letters

"As is explained in many sources, this means that one trusts that G‑d will supply all needs, literally and materially, regardless, even if sometimes an accounting would show that this has not been deserved."
“You write that it appears to you that your lot does not bring success. Avert your attention from all of that, because it is not true.”
May it be G‑d’s Will that from now, at least, things will be done in the spirit taught to us by the recent days of Chanukah, whose lights increase from day to day. May this be the case with both your communal and your private affairs, and may your news be good — of the kind of good that is visible and manifest.
As I have written in the past to a number of people, if they had made a habit of sharing [their] good news and writing about it frequently, they would have had less — or no — need to set up bonds of communication by writing about things that are the opposite of good news. This is self-evident.
The Rebbe encourages the furthering of Judaism with joy; the more joy the more success.
“There is nothing that stands in the way of repentance.” However, repentance, too, must be done out of a firm trust in G‑d, and not (G‑d forbid) out of despair.

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