By the Grace of G‑d
12 Adar I, 5714 [1954]

Greetings and Blessings!

This1 letter comes as a response to your letter of 6 Adar I. There you write that though you have arrived at a marriageable age you have not yet found a matching proposal, and this causes you distress.

There is a well-known teaching of the Sages that “making matches for them is as difficult [for G‑d, as it were,] as splitting the Red Sea.”2 It is also well known that the Splitting of the Red Sea was actualized by a strong trust and faith in G‑d.3 From this we learn the approach to be followed in finding one’s match: the stronger your trust (and it goes without saying that together with this you also have to search in an appropriate manner), the sooner will this actualize.

A familiar teaching in the holy Zohar4 states that “the Holy One, blessed be He, looked into the Torah [as a blueprint] and created the world.” This teaching applies not only to the world, literally, but also to every detail in the life of every man, who is known as a microcosm, “a miniature world.”5 Accordingly, you should increase your endeavors in the study of both the revealed dimension of the Torah and the teachings of Chassidus— and may G‑d grant you success.

With blessings,

On behalf of the Rebbe,
[Signed by a secretary]