By the Grace of G‑d
3 Menachem Av, 5714 [1954]

Greetings and Blessings!

This1 letter is a response to the undated letter in which you write that though you2 are pleased that you moved to [...], at the moment your salary does not quite suffice to meet your needs, and this is affecting your mood.

This is most surprising. After having palpably witnessed G‑d’s kindness toward you, do you really not have enough faith in His absolutely certain ability to guide you with His acts of lovingkindness in the future, too, and to free you from your straits? And even if, for reasons not understood by us, this is delayed, it is only the Creator of the universe, Who knows the future and Who knows what is truly good, that is able to decide in what manner — the manner that is best for a man and his household — He should bring them to their true happiness both materially and spiritually.

If the above applies even with regard to people whose present situation is less positive than it was previously, and also less positive by comparison with their environment and their acquaintances, how much more obviously does it apply with regard to people whose situation has improved from what it was. And in these difficult months, your situation is certainly better than that of quite a number of people around you, who nevertheless are not despairing, G‑d forbid. Most certainly, therefore, neither you nor your wife ought to be dispirited or saddened, G‑d forbid. We have seen it proved in practice that the greater a man’s trust, and the more he looks toward his future with joy, the faster do these things materialize on a practical level.

I hope that you will soon gladden me with good news concerning all of the above, both in relation to yourself and in relation to your wife.

With blessings,