By the Grace of G‑d
18 Nissan, 5714 [1954]

Greetings and Blessings!

[...] And1 may G‑d grant success in every individual’s endeavors to create ample vessels that will be able to contain all the good that He wishes to give, both spiritually and materially.

This applies especially in these days of Pesach. These are days of faith and trust, as with the Jews of those times, when they went out with their wives and children to a wilderness of venomous serpents and scorpions,2 relying only on a word from G‑d, that they should go out there. It was then that they saw that in time of need there was manna to eat, drinking water from Miriam’s Well, the [blessing] that “your garment upon you did not become tattered,”3 and so on.

In the same way, “in every generation and every day, a person is obligated to regard himself as if he went out of Egypt.”4 When one proceeds with that faith and trust, or at least with part of that faith and trust, it is certain that G‑d will provide him with his material and spiritual needs. May G‑d grant that this be seen — and seen soon.

With blessings for a kosher and happy Pesach,

Due to the sanctity of the Intermediate Days of the festival, the Rebbe did not sign personally and I am signing in his name.