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Short Insights

Childhood. Marriage. Aging. Jewish identity. Atomic power. Disability. Good and Evil. Sleep. Death. Individuality... The Rebbe always has a fresh angle, and often he redefines the concept entirely

G-d is not found due to the capacity of a place, but by His desire to be there. And what He desires most is to be found in the work of our hands, fixing up His world
Body & Soul
All our affairs and activities contain elements of both body and soul -- the material and the spiritual
The Hebrew word tzedakah, commonly translated as "charity," literally means "justice" or "righteousness" ...
A child is not just an adult "in the making" but an individual with special and unique qualities--which we, as adults, can rediscover and cultivate, to our betterment, and the betterment of the entire world.
Ours is a generation notorious for its brazenness and audacity. But even the most ostensibly negative trailt, the Rebbe insisted, has a positive application...
Community & Individuality
Two lessons from a Torah scroll: the recognition that every individual is indispensible to the integrity of the communal whole; and the importance of the inviolable "white space" which distinguishes each one of us as a unique individual
Do you see what needs to be repaired and know how to repair it, or do you only see what is wrong?
If sleep is a form of death, then it is also true that death is a form of sleep...
Why do we go to such extremes in educating our children--extremes to which we don't go in any other area of life? Turns out, there's a good reason...
The Elderly
What should be a society's measure of a person's value in the work force or community-- physical strength or wisdom?
Faith in G-d is deeply engraved in the human heart and soul; all that is necessary is to bring it forth to the surface so that it permeates the daily life in all its aspects...
The home should be perceived as a microcosm of the universe
Free Choice
The primary distinguishing feature which sets the human being apart from all other creatures
Good and Evil
Light need not combat darkness in order to overpower it. Where light is, darkness is not. A thimbleful of light will therefore banish a roomful of darkness...
Human Potential
Man is a plot of land: earthy, rough, but replete with potential treasure...
The Holocaust
Can we possibly give a reason or explanation for an event of such magnitude? Did the it destroy the possibility of belief in a good G-d? What the Rebbe said--and didn't say--about the Holocaust
Jewish Identity
That we are "a people that dwell alone" is not our weakness but our strength
Jewish Unity
The love of G-d, love of Torah and love of one's fellow Jew--are one. One cannot differentiate between them, for they are of a single essence, and each one embodies all three...
Land of Israel
A special burden and privilege rests upon Israel's citizens and its government: to preserve the Jewish integrity of the country
"Oh, I did not know that you were thirsty!" cried Moses. He cradled the runaway kid in his arms and carried it to the flock...
On the sixth day of creation, So G-d divided "man" into two entities, male and female. And then joined them in marriage. Why, then, we must ask, did G-d not create them as two in the first place?
Within each thing we behold, the moshiach dwells, like the embryo waiting to break out of its egg... Our listening alone is enough to crack the shell of the egg.
Outreach & Influence
"Words that come from the heart, enter the heart." If you are truly sincere, your words will certainly have an effect.
The Physically Challenged
Back in the 1970's, long before such terminology was popularized, the Rebbe advocated rejecting negative terms such as "handicapped" or "disabled" in favor of "special" and "excellent"
Power of the Individual
We have seen the potential for destruction in the release of the energy in a single atome. How much greater is the positive creative power entrusted to every individual in harmony with the Divine purpose...
To allow a person to live, and yet to deprive him of living, is inhumane
Religion and the Constitution
Affirmation of faith in G-d has never, in the course of our country's history, threatened government interference or the establishment of a state religion
Science may not discuss G-d, but it does describe His works. As it penetrates deeper and deeper to the core of things, it opens a window towards appreciating creation's intrinsic unity with the Creator
Why spend 25 to 30 percent of our lives doing nothing? Why sleep?
Social Responsibilty
We should all consider ourselves part of a universal "mutual fund" ...
The Soul
The paradox of the flame's life: its attachment to wick and fuel in the lamp sustains both its continued existence and its incessant striving for oblivion
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