"And you shall be a choice land to Me," declares the prophet (Malachi 3:12).

Man is a plot of land: earthy, rough, but replete with potential treasure. Beneath the surface are wellsprings of life-giving waters, reserves of energy, and stores of precious metals and gems. Its soil is alive with the promise of lush crops, ready to sprout forth upon a proper investment of devoted toil.

To access these treasures, one must first have the insight and foresight to look beyond the surface grit. One must carefully probe the terrain and faithfully drill, mine, pump, plow, sow and irrigate in order to reap the rewarding return.

Every human being—surface topology notwithstanding—is rich, fertile soil. Incumbent upon him and his fellows is both an opportunity and responsibility: to unearth and develop his diverse and fruitful resources to the utmost.