By the Grace of G‑d
16 Adar II, 5714 [1954]

Blessings and Greetings!114

After1 a long break I was happy to receive your letter. Not that I was gladdened by its content, for, as I read there, you are worried about your children’s health, and you conclude by asking what you can do apart from weeping and lamenting.

First of all, one should stop weeping etc. On many occasions my revered father-in-law, the Rebbe [Rayatz], citing our people’s great scholars of former generations, demanded that one should fulfill the verse,83 “Serve G‑d with joy.” And the holy Zohar explains that when a person is joyful and his trust is firm, this is also a spiritual means of securing2 that from Above he be given more and more reasons to be happy and contented, both with regard to himself and with regard to his entire family.

This applies especially in your case, since your children have had the good fortune to study in a school for the sake of which my revered father-in-law, the Rebbe [Rayatz], sacrificed himself. This fact alone makes it certain that this [schooling] is the path by which they will be healthy and happy, both materially and spiritually. One ought not pressure one’s husband unduly into moving immediately. In due course, this too will come; one has to wait for the good and successful time.

Regarding your question as to what can you do: As said above, you should bring joy into your house, and continue your work in disseminating Yiddishkeit25among your friends. Doing so will hasten the arrival of increased blessing and success in your personal affairs, too.

Enclosed you will find a copy of a public letter of mine in connection with the days of Purim, which you will no doubt make use of in your above-mentioned activities.

I wish you an abundance of joy and contentment — Jewish and chassidic nachas — from your children, and may you receive it healthily and joyfully.