By the Grace of G‑d
21 Menachem Av, 5710 [1950]

Greetings and Blessings!

In1 reply to your letter of 16 Menachem Av concerning your wife’s health: You write of reasons for which she cannot conceive. However, this appears to be incomprehensible, because the beginning of your letter mentions that in the month of Elul 5709 she was pregnant. If so, this can certainly be the case now, too.

It therefore seems to me that your wife should not undertake anything that would — according to what you write — be risky. Let her once again consult a medical specialist as to what she should do and he will no doubt find a moderate course of action. Through the agency of a particular doctor and a particular medication everything will pass, and the blessing of my revered father-in-law [the Rebbe Rayatz] (May I serve as an atonement for his resting-place!)2 will be fulfilled — that G‑d will gladden your hearts with healthy and viable offspring.

You write further that from this whole situation your wife has become nervous, and so on.

It should be explained to her that the A-lmighty directs the world in the manner that is best. He knows what is best, and He wrote in the Torah that children are a blessing. Jews are therefore deserving of it. And if this blessing is sometimes delayed, it should be known that we all have a great Rebbe, my revered father-in-law, and in due course he will make all his blessings materialize for all those who are bound to him.

However, one must hold tightly on to the bonds of hiskashrus with him. If, instead, one begins to be apprehensive about the fulfillment of his blessings, and this makes one become nervous, this is an indication of weakness, G‑d forbid, in one’s trust and in one’s hiskashrus. In particular, if it also affects one’s health, it is certainly nothing more than the counsel of the [Evil] Inclination.

She and you yourself must be strong in your trust “in G‑d and in Moshe, His servant,”3 of our generation — that is, my revered father-in-law — and this in itself will help expedite and actualize his holy blessing for healthy and viable offspring and for all good things.

Before candle-lighting, your wife no doubt makes a donation bli neder4to the charity that carries the name of Rabbeinu Meir Baal HaNess, and every day you no doubt recite bli neder the Rebbe’s chapter5 of Tehillim, which is currently chapter 71.

When your wife becomes pregnant, in a good and auspicious hour, you will presumably not publicize the fact at the early stages,6 but you will immediately notify the Rebbe [Rayatz] at the holy resting-place.

With blessings,