By the Grace of G‑d
12 Menachem Av, 5714 [1954]

To the esteemed chassid,
R. [Nissan Nemenov],

Greetings and Blessings!

[...] With1 regard to what you write about a certain young man who trimmed his beard:2 His friends should speak to him, especially since his older brother conducts himself as he ought.

It should also be explained to him — in accordance with what is cited in the second part of Derech Mitzvosecha on the verse beginning VeHu Rachum3 — that the thirteen [mystical aspects] of the beard4 correspond to the Thirteen Divine Attributes of Mercy. Accordingly, all those who are not in a position to demand that G‑d grant them all their needs on the strength of their legal entitlement, but whose demand must necessarily depend upon His attributes of lovingkindness and compassion, should correspondingly leave the thirteen [mystical aspects] of their beards intact. See there at length. It thus follows that a young man who needs to settle his affairs with a livelihood and a good match and so on, and all in all is in need of Heaven’s mercy, should be warmly vigilant with regard to the thirteen [mystical aspects] of his beard. You will no doubt find the appropriate words with which to convey this concept.

With regard to your acquaintance [...]: Since there is a doctor who holds that there is no need for surgery and that your acquaintance need only be watchful with his diet and so on, let him conduct himself in accordance with that directive, and let him strengthen his trust in G‑d, “Who heals all flesh and performs wonders.”171 For peace of mind is one of the most effective remedies for ailments such as his.

In this vein, too, with regard to the same individual’s query concerning the fact that no buyers are forthcoming for the house that he bought for the purpose of profit: Let him take G‑d as a partner, by pledging to contribute for tzedakah a little more than a tenth of the profit, and preferably close to a fifth. The above Partner will then undoubtedly bring him blessings and success, in accordance with the ruling of the Sages, “Tithe in order that you grow rich.”5

And when your acquaintance sees the hand of Divine Providence in this, he would be well advised to invest effort in similarly buying another house for the purpose of profit, in addition to continuing with his present work — without undue impetus, and with rest breaks according to need.

With blessings,