By the Grace of G‑d
5 Menachem Av, 5715 [1955]

Greetings and Blessings!

In1 your letter of 28 Tammuz you write that after receiving my letter you were spiritually aroused; for a period you maintained that arousal in your study and prayer and conduct, but this later weakened; and since then there have been ups and downs, resulting in a growing despair, and so on.

As I have written to a number of young men in a similar situation, their answer is provided in a number of places in Tanya. One of those places is ch. 27 and the following chapters. All in all: despairing, and seeking miracles especially for one’s battles with the [Evil] Inclination — these are simply the wiles and the incitement initiated by the [Evil] Inclination. As is the case with all the tactics it employs, the most effective strategy from the very outset is not to become involved in any debates or discussions with it. Instead, one should muster strength, extensively and energetically, with regard to “the three pillars [on which the world stands]”2Torah study, avodah90(and the observance of mitzvos in general), and the practice of kindly deeds.

If one acts in this way, he may rest assured that the darkness will be lessened and banished. What a pity that people waste time on discussing the issue!

In addition, if you utilize the influence you have on people younger than yourself to bring them, too, close to the service of G‑d, you yourself will be granted increased help from Heaven.3 [...]4

With blessings,