By the Grace of G‑d
28 Teves, 5714 [1953]

Blessings and Greetings!114

This1 is to acknowledge receipt of your letter of 22 Kislev, in which you relate the sequence of events connected with your position at [...] and write that you are now left without a position.

A person’s life does not always proceed smoothly, and since one has the will and the capacity to ascend, this very fact also creates the possibility of descent. Accordingly, one should not become overwrought or dispirited (G‑d forbid) when one observes a descent, especially when that descent relates only to material things, and especially since it happened independently of yourself.

Indeed, a descent ought to arouse — from deep within oneself — greater powers of faith and trust, whose external manifestation is a courageous spirit and a lack of emotional reaction to an unpleasant phenomenon, particularly when it lasts only very briefly.

I have written to people who are active in the educational field, and hope that within a short time they will be able to attend to your affairs, too — provided, of course, that you for your part will also cooperate with them.

With blessings for success in the sacred work, namely, kosher education,

[Signed by a secretary on behalf of the Rebbe]