By the Grace of G‑d
13 Menachem Av, 5712 [1952]

Greetings and Blessings!

It1 pained me to be told that you are still downhearted, and I understand that this is also the spirit in your home.2

I have no desire to become involved in a lengthy discussion as to whether the claims that have been made are justified or not. Obviously it takes no great effort to understand why your spirits are as they are, after the calamity that took place (May no one know of such things!).

Nevertheless, Jews in general, being believers,3 and chassidim in particular, should cleave to G‑d, our L‑rd, steadfastly and overtly — as it is written,4 “And you who cleave to G‑d, your L‑rd, are all alive today.”

Now, being truly alive means not merely pushing through one day after another. Being truly alive means that one’s life should lack nothing of whatever you and your wife need materially and spiritually. However, it can happen (G‑d forbid) that perhaps one does not deserve to receive such blessings from the Holy One, blessed be He. Concerning such a situation it is written in the holy Zohar:5 “If, from down here below, a person shows a luminous countenance, in the same way does a luminous Countenance shine upon him from Above [...6]. In this spirit it is written,83 ‘Serve G‑d with joy’: the joy of a mortal elicits upon himself another, Supernal joy. Similarly the world below, being thus crowned, draws down [blessings upon itself] from Above.”

In brief: When one fortifies his trust that G‑d will provide reasons to make him happy, in good spirits, and cheerful, and when one is so strong in this trust that it influences his daily life, he thereby draws down [these reasons for being happy] from Above. Moreover, even one’s fleshly eyes can then see that the trust was vindicated.

May G‑d grant that you and your wife and all your family should witness this, palpably, as soon as possible.

Looking forward to good news,