The turmoil in the world this year,
Is cause of much unhappiness and fear.
Recession, bailouts, Ponzi and Mumbai,
A sense of universal instability that is hard to deny.

Bribes, tapes, abuse and unrest,
That makes life a most challenging test.

Wars in Gaza, Afghanistan and Iran,
Yet all must be part of Hashem’s great plan,
In the midst of it all, miracles and grace
Before anything began, the refuah was in place.

While most of the Spies were influenced by the outside,
Only Caleb and Joshua were steadfast with pride.
And like Noah and his family, saved by the ark,
We must keep to our path, not veer off when things look dark.

Whether the chips are up or whether they fall,
Whether our assets are great or very, very small.
Our bitachon, our faith, should stay steady and calm,
And still our fear like a warm, soothing balm.

For despite the chaos and concerns that abound,
Whether on political, economic or even personal ground,
We ought to stand committed to be righteous and good,
And leave our trust in our Creator, as we know we should.

This year our Purim lesson is to enjoy chips of any kind,
Get that “chip” off your shoulder and put it behind.
Be “chipper,” happy and faithful each day
For surely a yeshuah (redemption) must be on its way.