All over around the world do we reunite
Seated at the same table, friends and family
To tell the same story, way into the night
The release out of Egypt and out of slavery

Please tell it to your children and say it out loud
As we were slaves, today we should see
As much as yesterday we have to get out
As much as yesterday we have to go free

Out of modern ropes which could tie us up
Veer to shake them off with all that seems to shine
Envy, greed and fears should go through the trap
Remember you´re G‑d´s soldiers and stand on first line

Us being workaholics or our search for what´s grand
We all have to get out of our personal slavery
It keeps us far away from all that really counts
Away from our family, our friends and Torah study

Let us this year do all that should be really done
Let us all be together to get out of Mitzrayim
Let us all stand up straight and reaffirm the bond
That´ll allow us to be L’Shana Haba b’Yerushalayim