A Blanket Of Holiness Enfolds Me
Like The Presence Of Shechina (Divine Presence) Covering The Earth…
Their Powerful Voices, In Unisons Soar To The Heavens,
Opening Gates For The Earthbound Voyager's Entrance,
To Glimpse, A Moment Of Vision, Beyond Existence Itself.

Their Sounds Permeate The Very Fiber Of The Universe
Elevating My Spirit To Lofty Heights Unknown,
Separating The Veil Of Eternity , Entering G-D Space.

My Essence Ascends On Angels Wings,
Rendering Me Capable Of Defining Eternal Revelation,
Experiencing Elevation Beyond Fathom,
Rejuvenating The Fundamental Nature Of My Soul.

Tears Creep Into My Eyes,
Falling Raindrops Of Past Ache,
Stinging, Relieving, Freeing, Blessing,
Releasing Anguish, Restructuring, Healing - Tormented Souls.

Ancient Tones Re-Define Mundane Existence,
Returning My Cleansing Into Spheres Divine,
Blending Heritage, Tradition And History
With The Ritual Progressions Of Supernal Demands….

My Body Flies On Soft Clouds Of Remembrances,
Feeling My Father Sway To Melodious Chants...
Me, Buried Under His Talis (prayer shawl),
Warm And Secure, Safe, Protected,

Today Is Yesterday's New Beginning -
Past Is The Futures' Forgotten Moments….
I Exist Between The Breaths Of Two Worlds -
Yevarechecha…Be Blessed.....

Dedicated to my first Shavuos in Crown Heights, May 2004