Enslaved, Caged, Imprisoned,
A people bound to their G‑d,
Frightened, anxious, laboring oppression
Beaten, diminished, dehumanized, degraded;
Daring diversity, dis-similar from the lot…
Accepting, long-suffering, faithful yet true
Trusting the Unknown, Unquestioning their lot…
Awaiting the promise of Ages…

Time is here!!
Blood streaks the doors,
The Obedient Ones saved -
HaLayla Hazeh” – on this night,
It differs from others – United we survive!!

G‑d walks Egypt
Liberating, invigorating, empowering, identifying
Blessing His people -
Redemption will follow!
Death to the foe
Redemption’s rays illuminate the morning dew…
Behold Freedom - His Embrace

Did YOU wander the desert?
Did YOU hear the VOICE?
Did YOU VOW to believe?
Did YOU turn your heart to stone?
Did YOU question…or did you accept?
Did YOU reason, or did you demand?
Were YOU faithful…or did you fail?

We stood together, you and I at Sinai!
Your eyes staring into molten lava of glittering gold,
Mine mute and teary, peeled to the Mountain,
You joining the dancing, defiling the laws,
I trembled, quivered , praying for truth!

When the earth ripped open, swallowed, tearing apart
I lost You then –
Mourning my love…
Yet loving and obeying my G‑d…

Lifetimes have passed
The cycle returns;
I recognize you now, hoping that you’d learned…
AGAIN You chose your Life!
And I chose my G-D!!

For a moment I mourn my love…
Yet for eternity and beyond
I will again choose to love my G‑d.