As we mourn together in pain,
Self-absorbed- not wanting to gain.
How can we move on?
See life unfold while they are gone.

Its hard for us to hope,
Transfrom the bad, continue to cope.
Suffering fills our lives,
How can we continue to strive?

It's part of HaShem's master plan for the world, as we all know.
But we must forge ahead, seeds are planted, continue to grow.
How we all await the day when we'll be,
Reuninted again speedily!

We give comfort to each other and pray
Try to move on but what can we say
Not a ll things can be explained
Together as one we are pained.

As tragedys unfold,
On to one last hope, the world does hold.
We've lasted so long somehow,
Oh Mashaich we need you now!