How can you just pretend
and lie to yourself
when the truth is
everything you think
is not true
it's fantasy
it's fiction
it's fake
and when you know
you're about to break
how can you just make believe?
it's unbelievable
it's so unreal
when you make up things
just to cover up
the way you really feel
with your imagination
and creation
creating things that don't exist
making things up
but now it's time
to go back to reality
cause its calling your name
again and again
now it's shouting it
trying to tell you
not to let your thoughts run away with you
because they may never come back
but you're still holding on
when it's time to let go
you need to move on
before you're left behind
with no one by your side
all by yourself
with something so unrealistic
something that doesn't exist
so lets take a ride
back to reality
with only actuality
back to fact
not fiction
and logical
to bring you back
closer to the truth
wake you up from this sleep
back to real life
not as distant
just to make sure you wont fall too deep