A window of perception. A portal in time. Lift the veil from where I silently sleep. Eyes that are tightly closed see into a realm once secluded from physical boundaries.

I see my room around me yet I cannot speak. I am here in my own bed but at the same time, I am standing on a distant mountain side. Bushes growing wildly all around, a place deserted and ever so still. What is this place where nature is the picture that I see?

No, not yet. This is as far as I will go for now. It would be several weeks later until I am allowed to ascend to the highest peak. It won't be tonight though. Tonight I receive a glimpse. Tonight I stand on the side of a mountain patiently waiting for eternity to open its doors.

Oh, I know this place so close within my reach. I have traveled a lifetime just to behold a wondrous place such as this. A glimpse so satisfying. A flash of reality simultaneously breathing right along with me. It is all so real, and I have journeyed so far, how can all this be?

Morning comes and eyes that were closed now open. Can I tell you about my dream? I was in a place, a very special place. I was sleeping right here. I awake to share with you a glimpse of eternity that is here at your side. I fell asleep so that I could awaken with open eyes.

Open Eyes.