I can hear music. Sweet, sweet music. Oh, don’t you feel it deep within the spaces of your soul? Awaken and come forth for I have called you back once more to reveal a message of life and love meant for all.

Come walk with me through the garden of paradise and I will show you the secrets of the universe. Take my hand and I will lead you to a place where eternity is the very essence of existence, for life would not be life if it could not be forever.

Breathe in and breathe out and the entire universe breathes with you. Reach out and touch another with compassion and the entire universe feels loved by you. Oh, don’t you know how important you are? Here and now in this very moment breathes a life everlasting, for tomorrow is but a space created for what chooses not to live right now.

A circuitry lights up the pods of your brain. Just like Abraham who crossed over the waters to the other side, new neurons bring an awareness that was hidden from a world not yet resurrected from limited thought.

Come walk with me and I will be your strength and glory. I will uphold you and give you the power to overcome illusion. Yours is the gift of eternal life, a gift given to you since creation began. Oh, please tell me you feel it now. For yours' is the value of an image of Light.

A light within you, that walks with you...that is you.