If you went through the same story
Whoever you may be
There´s still someone out there
Who´ll give you the right key

In the darkness of the night
When all seems oh so blurred
Through all the tears and pains and hurt
There´s still a ray of light

You may feel deaf and blind
Indifferent to all
But from the deepest fall
There´s still a way to climb

It seems it wasn´t meant to be
A new life could have been born
But it won´t help to cry and mourn
There´s still a right to be happy

However numb you´re in your head
All dreams shattered at once
Try to wake up and seize the chance
There´s still a road ahead

Dear sister, don´t forget your husband
You´re his most precious lead
Remember how in times of need
He stayed supportive, calm and kind

Inside him, there´s a little boy
He too suffered a loss so wrong
Now both of you have to be strong
And build a house of joy

Dear sister, from the world around
I know all about your pain
When you´ll be able to smile again
It´s the right key that you´ll have found