Hear no sound but
The beating like a drum
Of my heart showing me no mercy
As my lungs struggle
To breathe in the thick clouds
Of blood drops
Window of my soul
Staring into nothing
Feeling nothing
Only tasting the dryness of vitality
Pray, lovely angel
Carry me to the shores of salty waters
Where the infinite light burns
Away at the rocks and sand
To close your mind for eternity
And be brought to where the birds soar
Higher than the emptiness of the deep blue sky
Unlock the shimmering gate of tears
And let yourself drown in the black rain
Sew the torn parchment
Of our love letter
Together, again
He smiles, it is his fate
As six beautiful dolls cry
But the fires are screaming
As the dusk carries with it the burden of tomorrow
Let me believe in your steadfastness
When you swallow me up in your justice
Ha-Shem Hu HaElokim

I wrote this poem as I was trying to deal with the passing away of my best friend's father, and the sadness of the recent suicide bombing in Eilat. The "6 beautiful dolls" are the 600,000 witnesses at Mount Sinai, 6 million souls of the Holocaust, and 6 children left without a father. Peace.