All metals were not created equal. Silver might be shiny, copper may look rich, but none compare to the value and luster of pure gold. So go for the gold.

When you learn about various forms of meditation and the subsequent forms of love for G‑d you might experience, you may wonder: “If I can easily meditate my way to revealing an inherent natural love (such as loving G‑d for giving me life or loving G‑d as a father1), then why work hard to meditate at length about G‑d’s greatness in order to create a new love of G‑d?”

Revealing feelings that already exist beneath the surface is a shortcut. It’s quick and gives you the fuzzy feeling of being close to G‑d.

But don’t forget to also go for the gold by meditating in detail and with focus on G‑d’s greatness. In this way, you can feel a new love that is not dependent on pre-existing feelings.

The love that is developed “from scratch” through deep intellectual effort—not relying on inherent feelings—is a more fiery and passionate one. In the process of understanding and learning about G‑d, and embedding this love within, you are fulfilling the purpose of your creation, as is written in Habakuk: “Man exists in order to know the glory of G‑d.”

So go for the gold!

Tanya Bit: Generate a love of G‑d, rather than just relying on a pre-existing one, and feel the fire within.

(Inspired from Chapter 44 of Tanya)