A healthy self-esteem is considered to be all the rage today, with a lack of it being blamed for a myriad of problems and its presence a predictor of great success. So what really is the secret to a strongWhat really is the secret to a strong self-esteem? self-esteem?

It’s being aware of a deeper part of oneself, an infinite part. Of the G‑dly soul that every Jew possesses—from the most righteous person to the biggest sinner.

Regardless of my performance or status, there is a completely selfless, holy drive within me that wants to connect to G‑d and fulfill His mitzvot. And even if I feel like I’ve stumbled or failed, I can always remember that I have a part of me that is a treasure—a literal piece of G‑d Himself.

Tanya Bit: I have a G‑dly soul inside of me, with infinite value and inherent goodness.

(Inspired from Chapter 2 of Tanya)