You started growing inside of me
I felt you through the sickness
I felt you through my mood
I felt you through my change of appetite
I sensed you through my sensitivity to smells
I sensed you through my happiness

I sensed you

I imagined you

Your face

Your personality

We gave you a name
I saw you when you were 6 weeks old
I saw your heartbeat pumping on the screen
You started to grow

You started your life
I was so happy
I loved you right there and then
I bonded with you
I prayed for you
You were part of me for 12 weeks
Part of my organism
Part of our life
Part of our plan
Part of myself
Then came that day . . .
You stopped breathing
You stopped growing
You are now a lifeless fetus
Partially formed
With a head and a back, I was told
You are still inside of me
You are still part of me
But your heart has stopped beating
I’m sorry they have to take you out of your nest
You won’t feel anything
You might feel lonely, though
You started your life in the same place as Tzviki, Mendy, Dovie and Aryeh:
my womb
You are not meant to develop
You are meant to leave this place of comfort
It is your destiny
You will meet two little souls who have the same destiny as you
Who have also started and finished in the same place as you
You won’t be alone
They will look after you like older siblings look after younger siblings
In the meantime, we will not forget you
We will always remember you
You are part of our life
We won’t be talking about you a lot
But we will not forget you
You are in a place now where you are meant to be
You have left a void in my body
A void in our life
I was lucky to carry you for three months
I just wish G‑d’s plan were different
But I’m sure he has His reasons and He knows what’s best for you and us

We won’t be able to hold you

But you can hold us and keep us strong

From where you are

Love to you from all of us