On Tuesday at 6 PM
‎I’m home
Fussing over basmati
And humming homework tunes

But when I called the library for renewal
They said no-can-do
Books have been twice‎ renewed
And all are due today

Off I went
Dumping the bulky tomes into oversized shopping bag
Six-year-old asked to join
First she heard no followed by yes

Upon arriving at library
I realize my phone was left in car
Unlocked car
I march with six-year-old back to parking lot
To retrieve said phone

I never leave my phone in ‎the car
Most especially not on Tuesday at 6 PM
Parked across ‎street from said library
(Which I never visit at day and time earlier mentioned)

So we left the library to get the phone

Upon leaving the library—
Behold! Mrs. H.!
Yes I was rushing
(need to get back to the basmati)
But was with six-year-old
And Mrs. H. is Mommy’s friend

We stopped to say hello
I wondered if she needed a ride home
To which she responded

To which I replied
G‑d loves you”

And I told Mrs. H. why:
I never go to the library on Tuesday at 6 pm
If I do—I don’t take six-year-old
I never leave my phone in the car
If I do—I don’t leave car unlocked
But I did, and did

And at that moment Mrs. H. appeared
It was a cold day
The perfect day for ride home

Like I said—
G‑d loves Mrs. H.
And all His other children too.

P.S.: We returned to the library and were able to renew all the books for the third time.

“The footsteps of man are directed by G‑d.” (Psalms 37:23)

When a Jew comes to a particular place, it is for an inner divine intent and purpose. Hayom Yom, 10 Tammuz