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The Most for the Least
Parshah Re’eh
What better way to integrate my learning than to think about its implications in everyday life?
Chewing It Over
Parshat Re’eh
Why would anyone feel euphoric just because they can see where the floor in their kids’ room is? Men might chalk it up to insanity, or to simply being one of those girl things, but I prefer to attribute it to spiritual sensitivity . . .
Being Kosher
Parshat Re'eh
G-d has given two signs which differentiate between kosher animals and non-kosher animals. These signs are guides by which we can try to keep our lives on a level that will make us kosher, and even holy...
Both Mother and Father
“You are children to the L-rd your G-d.” If we are children to G-d, what is G-d to us?
Why would G‑d back up the false prophet by validating his prediction? Why would G‑d reward an immoral person with success? It makes us doubt the validity of our own moral compass.
The Kabbalah of the Ecosystem
For a human to act like an animal is not only a pathetic squander of talent, but a disservice to animals who expect to become part of a higher unit through us...
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