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Practicing Unilateral Virtue in the Face of Evil
The very purpose of negativity is for us to change it. We change “it,” however, when we change ourselves.
Trailblazers have the courage to take bold action and create positive change.
When Moses Commanded G-d
Although Moses is not completely reconciled to his death in the desert (as we will see later in the Parshah of Va’etchanan), he can not leave the world in peace without knowing that his people will be in good hands.
Multitaskers Anonymous
Parshat Pinchas
The division of land was so essential that G-d fully invested Himself in its process. It was a visual and auditory experience for the nation, one that perhaps left a life-long imprint...
The Greatest Servant
A Jewish understanding of what leadership really means
Leadership is one of those qualities that, as soon as a person begins describing his or her own mastery of it, you can’t help but feel that in fact they don’t have it . . .
The Female Estate
Parshat Pinchas
Traditionally, the linear, male method of “conquering the land” has been perceived as superior and more effective. But the daughters of Tzelafchad realized that there will come a time when humanity will evolve to a more feminine mode of conquest . . .
A Daughter of Tzelafchad Speaks
The Torah’s account of the petition presented to Moses by the daughters of Tzelafchad is relevant both to women seeking halachic support for change, and to the rabbis who are ruling on their questions.
G-d Is in the Details
Parshat Pinchas
What does it mean to have a good life, a successful life? How do we handle life when it doesn’t bring us everything we hoped for?
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