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The Power of the Mind to Create Blessings
When is the last time you checked in on the inner dialogue in your head, and your running thoughts and feelings about yourself?
Losing Miriam
Why did Moses momentarily lose control? Why then? Why there? He had faced just this challenge before.
How I Find Meaning Within the Mystery of Judaism
Embrace the struggle that is part of a nuanced and complex life. Be humble and stay open to the lesson.
Spread the Love
Loving our fellow means stripping away those external barriers that divide us to find the deepest bonds that connect us.
How to Become Your Greatest Advocate
Why is it that just as we are about to reach a long sought-after goal, we falter in those final moments?
Miriam, Moses’ Friend
Miriam was no ordinary sibling. Moses owed her his entire relationship with his natural family, as well as his identity as one of the children of Israel.
Is Having Children a Logical Decision?
Rational decisions are based on outcomes, but having children is “an epistemically transformative experience.”
Aren't My Friends Just Awesome?
He would guzzle down my mother’s delicacies, spilling some on our pristine white tablecloth.
Do It Just For Me!
What works for me may not be optimal for you, so rationally trying to convince you to do things “my” way can be ineffective.
Hidden Good
How does the agent of destruction become the agent of healing?
Remember the Story of Miriam Every Day
Miriam’s self-sacrifice and determination serve as an ever-present inspiration.
Wellsprings of Devotion
One day, Sara tried a different approach. "Honey," she said to her husband. "I know you this isn't the way you see it. But please, do it just for me!"
Counting Other People's Money
Parshat Balak
At each of their stops over their forty-year trek, the people made sure to erect their tents in a modest arrangement. Apparently, it was this exceptionally sensitive quality amongst them that made it impossible for Balaam to harm them.
Peaceful Coexistence
Parshat Balak
How do we reach true unity?
Emerging Unscathed
Understanding and learning from the “Song of the Well”
Along with the sincere compassion for another person’s pain comes the sense of gratitude for not having that particular struggle in my life.
Privacy and Modesty
Our role as Jews is to be an example. The Torah describes us, thousands of years ago, as expressing the virtues of modesty and privacy.
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