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How Positivity Affects Our Goals
While there are exceptions to the rule, when motivation to change stems merely from wanting to avoid a bad outcome, rather than obtaining a good result, the change is usually temporary.
Are You a Jew in the Head?
Parshat Naso
Jews have distinct rituals: a way of dress, interesting holidays, and a unique diet. When G-d gave us these instructions He told us that He was choosing us as His special nation. But beneath those rituals, are we truly distinct? As Jews, do we think differently?
Tasting Life's Bitter Waters
On the Significance of the Isha Sotah: Parshat Naso
You are married, or intensely committed, to a vision, a goal, a dream. Then along comes life . . .
Let’s stop mansplaining, womansplaining, or peoplesplaining, and start seeing the inherent worth in all of G‑d’s creations.
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