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Gratitude to a Boy Named Christopher (and His Dad)
I decided to overcome my “stranger danger” to tell Christopher’s dad how much I appreciated their kindness, and I complimented him on the fine job he was doing raising his son.
Ever wonder why fresh flowers make such a great gift?
'Til the Lights Go Out
Nourishing our souls, illuminating the world
Torah does not support asceticism, the closed walls of a monastery and a life apart from the bones of the body. We are asked to eat the cookie—or kasha—but to ever remain the master of that act . . .
The Spirit of the Laws
Parshat Mishpatim
My dark, curly hair was a constant reminder of my minority status. I never saw this as a negative aspect to my identity. On the contrary, I relished my membership in a global club of Jewish people all over the world . . .
The Wedding to the Washing: It’s All in the Details
When I thought about the process, and how quickly the young couple enters the real world, it struck me that this is the way it has been modeled for us by G‑d.
A Modern World and Ancient Prophecies
When things begin to "make sense"
In 1990, when Saddam Hussein invaded Kuwait to solve Iraq's financial problems, the world was outraged. That kind of move was not considered cool anymore. Something had changed in our moral perceptions.
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