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Becoming free is a long, difficult journey. But we can only begin by splitting our sea, by realizing that only G‑d has power over us.
Is Your Optimism Grounded in Reality?
A man gets into his car and decides, in the name of “optimism,” that he won’t buckle up. Is he an optimist or is he foolish?
Why Did a Nation Who Witnessed Miracles Keep Grumbling?
How can we reconcile a nation that reached such spiritual heights with such faithlessness?
Growing Up With My Daughter: Becoming a Bat Mitzvah
Being that I struggle with grownuphood in general, you can imagine my apoplexy at the fact that our oldest daughter, Nava, is becoming Bat Mitzvah this week. Yup, according to Jewish law, my baby is about to become a woman. Which, I guess, means I better start seeing myself as one, if I need to see her as one . . .
Bitterness Moves
Parshat Beshalach
When confronted with pain, we have three choices . . .
The Quill of the Soul
The Power of Music
Even now, years later, the tune of that melody is still in my head. I access it when I need to unwind. I connect to it like the words of a lover's poem. Yet it went beyond what words could express. It was as if the rhythm of my soul could be found in between the notes...
The Pain & Pleasure Principle
Parshat Beshalach
A preemptory dose of pain can bring a lot of long-term pleasure. This pain/pleasure principle played itself out vividly in the life of Miriam and her soul-sisters...
How the Forbes 400 Compare to an African Tribe
It seems that the old adage “money can’t buy happiness” has some truth to it. Although wealth has as much as tripled over the past fifty years, mental illness has increased at an equal rate.
Who Were the First Ones to See G-d?
Growing a family is no easy feat, and for the Jewish women in Egypt, it was especially difficult.
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