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What Goes Around Comes Around (Till You Make It Stop)
Sitting on the steps of the Montgomery County courthouse appeared to be a homeless man. My husband is a lawyer, and as he passed by this man on his way into the building, the man called out, “Hey, rabbi! Give me a blessing.”
Fat Cows Rule
Rather than allow ourselves to get “swallowed up” by thinking our way into depression, we can not only look for the revealed good, but also the hidden benefits of every circumstance.
How to Author Your Own Story
We can act with compassion or criticism, curiosity or control, unconditional love or judgment. Instead of resisting life, let life be your teacher.
Life sends all of us harsh tests and trials. Joseph teaches us the two essential keys to survive them.
Flames and Fortitude
Parshat Mikeitz
Imagine if we were able to take a half an hour out of our day and just sit and relax, completely guilt free. And yet, for eight straight days this is exactly what we are commanded to do...
The Visionary Soul
Where is that fine line between healthy self-compassion and debilitating self-pity?
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