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How to Let Go of a Dream
What Abraham Taught Us About Commitment
Have you ever made great plans that went down the drain?
Behind Every Great Man...
Parshat Lech Lecha
Abraham’s greatness allowed him to recognize and submit to his wife’s power--and to realize that she had abilities that he did not.
Why Women Don't Need Circumcision
Parshat Vayeira
Why couldn’t G‑d have chosen an organ common to both women and men to brand our Jewish identity?
Do You Follow Your Convictions?
Parshat Vayera
At various junctures in our lives, we may face the difficult decision of doing what we know is best, or conforming to what others expect. How do you choose?
A Rose By Any Other Name
Parshat Vayeira
Does your name define you? Do you know what your name means? Would you consider it a goal to live up to the meaning of your name? My English name is Stacey, the meaning of which is not fit to print in a Jewish magazine...
Motherhood: Laughter and Tears
As we cuddle and kiss, feed and bathe, dress and educate, G‑d wants us to always keep in mind the importance of our task and the importance of raising our children with joy.
When Abraham Proved His Mettle
Speaking of sacrifice, I had a frightening epiphany one day last month. I used to think of myself as an altruistic person, but a little objective reflection forced me to conclude that that wasn't the case at all...
A Pillar of Salt
Parshat Vayeira
I read how Lot is saved and his wife turns into a pillar of salt. And I search to see my life in these words. I'd rather not see it, of course, as the connection is too intense, too real, too true
Faith Under Fire
Is G-d looking to trip me up? Is He punishing me? Ignoring me? Am I just plain old unlucky?
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