I must admit, I am a bit obsessed with jars! So much so that I have created some of my very own personalized “Jarring Experiences” right here in these glass containers.

Now, don’t get me wrong: I’d never leave out the pleasure of using a label, with which I am equally obsessed. I have a passion for organization, detail and labels!

I could label everything in sight; it’s kind of like that little extra (sticky) detail that seriously calms my soul.

So, here I have labeled my craft jars with labels that say “Chana’s Art Room,” “Where the colors of my soul come to life,” and “A Creative Jarring Experience.”

Maybe what I connect deeply with is that these bottles contain creative embellishments, and while one must be careful not to “bottle” things up, always remember there’s a way out if you do.

Every person can embellish their life . . . add some glitter, sparkles, ribbon . . . laughter, love, spirit.

Label your “vessel” that holds your creativity, your thoughts, your imagination. And these labels are erasable . . . just like human nature with strengths and weaknesses.

You can always change the contents; you can always change the label. It’s all how you look at life.

So, make it personal. Label it. Love it. Create it. Erase it. Create it again. Love it more. Life: A creative “jarring” experience.

So, here you have personalized labels that are erasable. The ideas are endless, and so is the erasing, as you transfer various items in and out of jars, easily defining its contents on a picture-perfect label.

Here are more ideas that can make your jarring experience even more creative.

Personalize anything and everything, such as:

  • School supplies
  • Office supplies and file folders
  • Spices and sprinkles
  • Craft supplies
  • Party supplies
  • Entertaining supplies
  • Cosmetics, Q‑tips and cotton balls
  • Event and party favors
  • Cookie jars and candy jars
  • Gifts

To purchase labels, go to Chana’s Art Room and scroll down the right margin of the home page. Click on the My Own Labels flashing banner, or e‑mail me through her blog for assistance.

P.S.: The best markers to write and erase with are the “Le Pen” pens that can be found in most stationery stores, with many color options to match your labels.