You may have seen the the electric tea-light candles that have been around in stores for a few years now. I decided to use them to create a decorative electric menorah that the kids love to light in our home to feel the spirit of Chanukah. You can use this as a decoration for your front window, or as a great centerpiece on your table.

[Please keep in mind that this is for decorative purposes only, since many have the custom for even their young children to light a real menorah (with the help of an adult).]

Photo: Curt Henderson
Photo: Curt Henderson

It was easy and inexpensive to make. I started out with these wood pieces that I found in bins at Michael’s Crafts.

The best part was there was nothing to cut—I simply glued everything together, then painted it with some silver spray paint.

For the candles, I used plastic hair rollers and the flameless tea lights.

The tea lights just happen to fit perfectly on the tops of the hair rollers!

I covered each roller with paper in various shades of blues and violets.

Moussia and Yosef love to light the candles each night. Since the flames do not get hot and are safe for children, they can “light” them all by themselves. Each one has its own tiny battery, and stays lit for hours.

Chanukah is early this year, so now’s the time to start this project!