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Personal Stories: Fertility Problems

The thought of attending caused me so much anxiety that I decided to be kind to myself and give myself permission not to attend.
Infertility Won’t Stop Me From Bringing Life to the World
Granted, the first woman was the mother of all life because from her have eventually come all living beings, but where does that leave the rest of us?
Visualizing Our Reality
Praying for Another Pregnancy
Thirty-six degrees Celsius. Day after day, morning after morning. It stays the same. I can't tell you how much I want it to change. To go up. A rise in temperature would be a sign that I ovulated which would mean that maybe, just maybe I could be pregnant again...
Facing Infertility
Miriam told me she and her husband had been trying to conceive, but after trying for over two years - nothing had happened. At first they'd laughed it off as 'work-induced stress', but after a while they realized it was a more serious problem...
Learning to Live Without Another Baby
My Struggle with High-Risk Pregnancies
For awhile, I bided my time. I went to the gym, and met friends for coffee. I enjoyed these months without bottles and diapers because I knew that the next load waited just around the corner. Until a series of miscarriages...
Letting Go
Dealing with Secondary Infertility
Treatment after treatment, month after month, year after year, my womb remained empty. Nothing happened except the pain in my heart grew stronger...
Every Word Counts
Our Marriage Contract and Chanukah
I came home and explained to my husband that I just couldn't do it again. I couldn't start with the treatments again, the running around like a madwoman, the ups and downs, the anxiety. I just wanted to be happy with what I had...
A Feminist's Quest for a Place in Jewish Life
Although I was at peace about my situation, it was still reassuring to hear from someone of the Rebbe’s stature that there is a role for every woman, whether a mother or not, in Judaism.
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