You’re not someone I’ve always known
At least, I didn’t think so.
I knew your things
Like being told by an anonymous donor that this closet full of clothes is mine.
Some of the clothes are smokin’
Some…not so much.
Some look awesome on the hanger, and slightly less awesome when hung on me.
Some make you want to throw up at first glance, but when it turns out
you like it once your mom forces you to try it on, you have to pretend you don't just to spite her.
All of these things are mine.
You gave them to me, but I’m not sure who You are
I don’t know where the clothes came from, either, but I know that wherever they came from is where You are.
Some I know what to do with
Others are like a cute belt that goes with nothing you own.
You want so badly to put it on
But somehow, it just doesn’t match.
Every once in a while, I’ll find a clue in a pocket
An old ticket stub, telling me where You’ve been
A piece of a receipt, showing me what’s valuable to You.
Sometimes, I’ll find a ticket to a show I also went to.
Sometimes, Your receipts are from places I’d never set foot in.
I wonder if they’d do me good.
I don’t always know what goes well together, though some ensembles are obvious.
I do know that everything you put in there is for a reason.
They’re there for me to choose to wear
Or they’re there for me to choose not to wear
Or not to wear together.
Some things…some things do not go together.
Some things you’d never thought would work together make the best garments.
There are things that, for the longest time, I thought were so good on me, even though everyone I know told me to get rid of it.
Yeah. They’re usually right.
There are the things that you feel awful in, no matter how many times your friends tell you how good they are on you.
There are the things that you know you’ll have to work like crazy to fit into, but when you do, the work is so worth it.
You gave me the choice to choose.
To learn from my malfunctions
Even when you think you’ve made as many mistakes as possible,
There’s often another one coming.
And, thanks to You,
And to the new things that pop up in there every day, to things I never noticed before, or to things I lost, thank G‑d,
There are always new novel combinations.
There are the outfits that make me feel beautiful
The ones that make me feel funky
The ones that I wear when I need to sleep.
The ones that make you look put together but also make you suck in your gut and squirm and force you to remaneuver every five seconds.
There are things you try once in a while
And then…
there are old classics.
My favorite.
The ones you know you can go to when nothing else seems to work.
The ones where, on a good day, you might find one of those receipts in the pockets.
And the receipt’s for something You bought that I happen to buy all the time
The ones where I get the feeling that You and I might see eye-to-eye on a few things.
Baruch Hashem.