Warmth envelops me as I enter the water
Security and comfort wrap their arms around me
Time stops as the Divine light embraces the Holy waters
A union of the two worlds converge in this sacred space.
The silence is almost palpable except for the rippling waters
Rays of inner light dance around the room
A tapestry of roots is being woven and I watch
with curiosity and wonderment.
I am being ushered into an awesome journey
The flickering rays of light play a timeless song on my soul
The notes are nurturing and the melody meditative
A song that sounds so familiar, that speaks of age old journeys long since passed.
The soul feels delight in the beauty of its surroundings.
The concerns and demands of the outside world respectfully step aside in this Holy embrace.
I linger in the tranquillity of the moment
The light hugs my being and lifts me heavenward
The intricate tapestry of history unfolds.
The song now becomes clearer
It is the song of our history
The melody speaks of commitment and fortitude of Jewish women who have performed this Holy mitzvah throughout the ages.
We are one.
The unshakeable roots of yesteryear, the security of the present and the unfolding future merge into melodies which resonate in this womb of harmony.
I feel so privileged to play a note in this magnum opus.
I remain a few moments longer as the warmth and music mother my soul.
I bid farewell, until the next Holy embrace.