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Blackout in Egypt Blackout in Egypt
Video | 4:28
Blackout in Egypt
Bo Parshah Report
There’s nothing funny about somebody stepping on a rake. So try not to laugh during this week’s exciting webisode.
The Story of a People The Story of a People
Parshat Bo
As we prepare to take our first steps as a free nation on a journey that would stretch millennia, G-d teaches us the secret of our essence.
Bo - The Sun vs. the Moon Bo - The Sun vs. the Moon
In our Torah portion this week, G‑d gives the Jewish people, this new nation that is set to embark on a journey to the Promised Land, their first mitzvah. What do you think that mitzvah would be?
Torah in Ten: Bo Torah in Ten: Bo
Video | 10:03
Torah in Ten: Bo
Topics include: Pharaoh as the embodiment of the “irrational attraction to physical pleasure,” the Ten Plagues as a manifestation of the power of the ten sefirot, why the Torah does not begin with the first mitzvah, and why “narrow­mindedness” is the root of all evil.
You Are the Master of Time You Are the Master of Time
Something Spiritual on Parshat Bo
Getting Ready for Passover Getting Ready for Passover
Practical Parshah - Bo
In this week’s Torah portion, the Jews leave Egypt and receive the commandment to keep the Passover. What practical preparations are needed to be ready for Pesach?
The Four Sons The Four Sons
Video | 23:45
The Four Sons
Life Lessons from Parshat Bo
We’re all familiar with the four sons at the Seder, which are enumerated in the Passover Haggadah. Interestingly, there seems to be special attention given to the wicked or rebellious son, which begs the question why?
The Plague of Darkness The Plague of Darkness
Parshah Bo
The plague of darkness did not affect the Jewish people, as the Torah says (Exodus 10:23), "For Israel, there was light in all the places they were." Why does Rashi differ from the Midrash as to whether this light was one of the miracles of the plague? (Based on Likkutei Sichos vol. 31)
With Sash, Shoes and Staff With Sash, Shoes and Staff
The Dress Code for Exodus
The night before they left Egypt, the Children of Israel were commanded to eat matzah and bitter herbs together with the Paschal lamb "waist-belted, shoes on your feet and staff in your hand". Thus class will explore the spiritual dimension of this dress-code and its guidance for our personal exodus. (Based on the maamor V'kocho 5737)
Brothers' Testimony Brothers' Testimony
Video | 51:12
Brothers' Testimony
The witnesses for sighting the new moon
Torah law does not accept the testimony of witnesses who are related to each other. However, with respect to the witnesses required to establish the day a new month begins – via a sighting of the 'new moon' – Rabbi Shimon is of the opinion that the testimony of relatives is admissible; in contrast to the view of the Sages (Talmud, Rosh Hashana 22b). This class will explain both positions on the matter, and the relevance to our lives. (Likutei Sichos vol. 21)
Parshah Power - Bo Parshah Power - Bo
Video | 25:42
The Lunar Calendar
Parshah Power—Bo
In chapter twelve of Exodus, G‑d gives the Jewish people their first mitzvah: “sanctifying the month”—to establish the calendar based on the lunar cycle (the rebirth of the moon). Why is this the first mitzvah?
Seven, Swearing, Satiation Seven, Swearing, Satiation
Letters and Numbers of Torah - Bo
Three times in the Torah the word "ha-shvi-i" (the seventh) is missing a letter yud. (The first time is in this week's portion in Exodus 12:15.) When spelled this way, the word may also be read as "shavua" (oath) or "soveia" (satiated.) What is the connection between seven, swearing, and satiation, and how do they describe the process of the soul's descent into a body?
The First Mitzvah The First Mitzvah
Video | 1:20:50
The First Mitzvah
How to Study Torah - Bo
The first mitzvah given to the Jewish people before they even left Egypt was to sanctify the new moon and keep a calendar. A careful study of the verse (Exodus 12:2) "This month shall be for you the beginning of months."
Parsha Gems: Bo Parsha Gems: Bo
Video | 49:58
Parsha Gems: Bo
Study some of the highlights of the weekly Torah portion with insights from various commentaries.
Parshah Insights: Bo Parshah Insights: Bo
Torah Interpretations of the Rebbe
Parshah Insights: Beshalach Parshah Insights: Beshalach
Torah Interpretations of the Rebbe
Parshah Mnemonics: Bo Parshah Mnemonics: Bo
Decoding the hidden messages
The parsha of Bo contains 105 verses and the mnemonic for is word ‘yimneh’ (son of Asher). Explore the coded message in the mnemonic and its connection to the general themes of the Parshah.
All About Watching the Matzah All About Watching the Matzah
Parshah Curiosities: Bo
Learn the many layers of meaning to the Torah’s instruction to guard and watch the Passover matzahs.
When Dark Matter Visited Planet Earth When Dark Matter Visited Planet Earth
Parshah Curiosities: Bo
The plague of darkness was incredibly dense and intense for the Egyptians, while the Israelite nation enjoyed a miraculously bright and lit-up environment. This class will shed light and reveal obscure facets of this remarkable plague, and the layers of purpose it served in preparation for the Exodus.
Man's Best Friend Man's Best Friend
Video | 1:12:08
Man's Best Friend
Parsha Curiosities: Bo
In the Biblical narrative of the 10th plague; the silence of the dogs seems deafening. Why does the Torah lavish so much attention to muzzled barking at a time of widespread death and devastation? During the course of this investigation, we reveal the unique Torah take on the close connection that people have had with dogs since the dawn of human history. Canine lovers will appreciate this fascinating class’s bark and bite, although the conclusion doesn't necessarily endorse the person-pet relationship paradigm.
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