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Rabbi Gordon - Bo: 7th Portion

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Julie Pennsylvania January 23, 2021

Ach, still can’t believe he is gone. Reply

Anonymous February 1, 2020

So if the woman has a girl as the first child and the second child is male that child isn't considered a first born for redemption purposes? Reply

Simcha Bart for February 10, 2020
in response to Anonymous:

That is correct, no redemption of the first-born would take place in such an instance. Please see Who Is Obligated in Pidyon Haben? for more about this. Reply

Moshe Meir Nevada January 17, 2013

Pidyon Haben Thank you for your prompt response o my question. Vaiter-----If a non-jew has children & then converts to Judaism & then has a male child, is this child considered the first child from the mother's womb which in turn needs a Pidyon Haben?

Rabbi Yehoshua B Gordon Encino, CA January 15, 2013

Pidyon Haben Pidyon Haben is performed with the "first-born" who open the Mother's womb. So yes, if Jacob performed Pidyon Haben he performed four of them.

Thank you for studying with me. Reply

Moshe Meir Nevada January 15, 2013

Pidyon Haben In reference to the 7th Aliyah in Parsha BO, it is my understanding that the Mitzvah of Pidyon Haben falls upon the man, therefore the first male child born to him should be brought to the Priest.
My question is, if this Mitzvah is fulfilled with one wife is it necessary to fulfill this mitzvah with a 2nd wife.
Did our father Jacob have 4 Pidyon Haben's or did he fulfill the Mitzvah with the first male child born to him(Reuvain) from Leah? Reply

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