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Rabbi Gordon - Bo: 5th Portion

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Yechiel fresh meadows January 19, 2021

I see my comments from 2014 and 2016 ! Here we are in 2021 and I'm still following R'Gordon.
This is how I study the parsha - for aren't we instructed to go over the parsha before reading on Shabbos.
Love his explanations, with humor ! Reply

Dovid Olensky North Miami Beach, FL January 6, 2022
in response to Yechiel:

Yechiel, this is my first year with Rabbi Gordon, A"H; after being Lubavitch for over 40 years. It gives me a lot of nachas to read your comments. Reply

Shaul Wolf January 21, 2016

RE circumcision: The Daat Zekanim addresses this question, and concludes that the circumcision happened on the 10th of Nissan, the same day that they were instructed to take the Pesach lamb for safekeeping. The Exodus was not until the 15th, 4 days later, and there was ample time for the Jewish people to heal.

It should be noted, however, that according to the simple reading of Rashi the circumcision indeed happened on that night, not on the 10th of Nissan. Reply

yechiel ny January 12, 2016

Were they circumcized - continued It's amazing. I found my comment to you from exactly 2 years ago. I want you to know that I've been following you every week for the last 3 years. You're great.
As for the circumcision, I saw that yesterday's rashi also mentioned that they were circumcised as they left Egypt. so the question remains (2 years later !!) - weren't they in terrible pain, how could they have moved at all? Reply

yechiel ny January 1, 2014

Were they circumcised? Were the Jews really circumcised the day before they left Egypt? How could they possibly even move for 3 days due to the pain? Seems that the Torah does NOT mention this, only the Bal Haturim and others. Perhaps they were wrong?.
Love your shiurim, btw ! Reply

Devoted Listener January 16, 2013

The insight of the Rogachover Gaon on why the Jews were commanded to stay inside This is an amazing p'shat. I'd like to make sure I understand it clearly. Why does placing the blood on the doorpost make the home into a bais hamikdash? And then why did they need to stay inside? Didn't they simply sprinkle the blood on the altar in the Bais HaMikdash? And did they have to stay inside the Bais HaMikdash?

Thank you!

p.s. can this be found in Likutei Sichos? Reply

Rabbi Yehoshua B Gordon Encino, CA February 6, 2012

Pesach Lamb Some communities still do. However, common practice in many communities is necessarily NOT to because we no longer have sacrifices today since the destruction of the Holy Temple.and people might think it is a sacrifice. Reply

Shim'on Boca Raton, FL January 31, 2012

Pesach Lamb Why do we no longer eat a whole roasted lamb on Pesach? Reply

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