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Building Character, Correctly!

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Building Character, Correctly!

The Torah truism that G-d’s Mitzvot were designed to refine our character, and make us better people would lead us to assume that this strategy to living life appropriately would certainly be reflected in the first Mitzvah. Yet, in identifying that very commandment, this axiom seems to ring hollow. A scriptural detail leads us to an enigmatic teaching in the Zohar, whose elucidation - drawn from profound Kabbalistic insight into human consciousness - ultimately most vividly demonstrates how the first Mitzvah does indeed provide the foundational recipe to correct character building and the maximization of our personal potential!
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MICHAEL BOTEK January 3, 2022

Rabbi, why is pru urvu not the first mitzvah? Reply

Craig S. Detroit January 23, 2021

Hi Rabbi
Can you please explain how Rosh Chodesh is the first mitzvah? How is Brit Milah not the oldest commandment in the Torah. Evan last week, you explained how Moses almost got derailed from completing his mission because he failed to complete the perform the bris of Elazar. Do you mean this is the first mitzvah to the Jewish people? as opposed to the Torah?
Many thanks in advance for your wisdom. Reply

Rayanne South Africa January 21, 2021

What a superb shiur. Thanks Rabbi. I am a single mother struggling with my 17 year old son and an ex husband who never takes responsibility. This was so insightful to avoid my son following in his steps.
You are a brilliant teacher. Thank you Reply

Dr Shamai Currim Canada January 30, 2020

What a wonderful talk, clearly stated and backed up with useful information. Thank you. Reply

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