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Intermediate Talmud: Lesson 21

The Text of Grace After Meals

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Intermediate Talmud: Lesson 21: The Text of Grace After Meals

The wording of the Grace After Meals was carefully composes to mention certain things for which we must give G-d thanks. What happens if one deviates from this formula? What ideas must always be mentioned and with what wording?
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Talmud, Berachot, Zimun

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Gershom January 9, 2013

Thankyou Thankyou Rabbi. Yes it was a very serious and sincere question (because you specifically mentioned the study of religious texts in secular institutions or secular environments). Apologies if it came across as not serious (the danger of this medium which encourages brevity at the expense of nuance). Thanks for the prompt answer. Shalom. Reply

Rabbi Mendel Kaplan Thornhill, Ontario January 2, 2013

Torah study? not sure if this question is being asked in (any) seriousness… However, will humbly suggest that actual halachic questions can often-times be extremely nuance – and as such should be deferred to your local Orthodox Rabbi. Reply

Gershom Australia December 21, 2012

Blessing before studying Torah Enjoyed the lesson thank you. But, I hope it is OK to study Torah at a secular institution if you say a brachah before your studies? Reply

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