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Intermediate Talmud: Lesson 1

"Three Who Eat Together"

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Intermediate Talmud: Lesson 1: "Three Who Eat Together"

The opening class of this course introduces the first Mishnah of ch. 7 of tractate Berachot which describes the procedure for reciting Grace After Meals by a group of three men who have eaten together. We are introduced to some of the agricultural tithes that must be taken from food before it is permitted to be eaten (Brachot 45a).
Talmud Berachot 45a  
Intermediate Talmud: Lesson 1 (English)  
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Talmud, Berachot, Zimun

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Samuel Wolf Fort Lauderdale November 3, 2022

According to the Rayvad can you make a Bracha before partaking of non-kosher/forbidding food? Reply

Zuzana Belgium May 20, 2021

How great is our L-rd! Hashem feeds you, rabbi, with the best fo his wheat. You share it with us - and so we are there who eat together - in unity of our souls and in love to the Word of G-d we share in the Presence, the wisdom, revelation and understanding. I love unity of souls! It is so beautifully pure. Reply

Patty Kitchens March 17, 2020

Berachot is a meal that you have together as 3. Meal of 3 people who sit at a table and join as friends could talk about their day. And understand one another problems. Reply

Yisrael K January 16, 2019

I don't know if that's correct that people weren't so frum back them. Some were ignorant and laws were written to help them. But that was a small group. Reply

Anonymous August 29, 2017

I don't understand completely. 3 need to be gathered together to thank for food, but isn't each person already comprised of 3 individual parts? - the mind the body and the spirit. When you pray or give thanks you should always do this with every part of your being this is common knowledge. So even if you are eating by yourself, aren't 3 parts of you praising God for the food? Reply

Levi NYC April 21, 2015

No we don't separate a tenth of food these days. We just give a tenth if our financial earnings to charity.

Yes one always says birkat hamazon. If there's three or more than we also say zimun Reply

philippe hasson February 23, 2014

Beautiful and clear ,
Thank you rabbi Reply

Patty Kitchens March 17, 2020
in response to philippe hasson:

Yes it was loud and clear message Reply

Johnny Pembroke, NC June 18, 2012

Saying Bircat HaMazon So we have learned that we cannot say Zimun without 3 men, but can one say Bircat HaMazon without saying Zimun with less than that 3? Reply

Martha Bogotá, Colombia June 17, 2012

lesson 1 Rav Kaplan:
Thank-you for this classe.I learned more things about Talmud.
Martha Reply

Marianna Pierre Tulsa, OK/USA June 15, 2012

Irene, Glen's question.. I want to know That is such a great question Irene. I want to know that same thing! I look forward to hearing that answer as well.
Shalom (the question alone made me have a great day!) Reply

Abraham Hadera, Israel June 15, 2012

Blessings and Charity Thank you Rabbi for your lesson, very clear and beautiful! Reply

Cohen Benjamin Paris, France June 14, 2012

Kol akavod Rav Kaplan Rav Kaplan,

I was attending your lesson from Paris, I am french but I understand english quite well.

I subscribed on this channel after the mail I received yesterday, I saw an opportunity to start Gemara and I really appreciated your 1st lesson. As a beginner in Gemara I confirm this class was just perfect and understandable.

Kol tov and see you next week BH! Reply

Dr Klee Benveniste Adelaide, Australia June 14, 2012

A Brachah for the Rabbi Yasher Koach Rabbi Kaplan. An excellent class. It felt like when I was sitting at a shiur 30 years ago studying Berachot. Your shiur refreshed my knowledge of the Mishna and included interesting observations from real life and insights from Pnei Yehoshua, Tzemach Tzedek and more. Reply

Irene Glen Burnie, MD USA June 14, 2012

Intermediate Talmud:lesson 1 Shalom Rabbi Kaplan;

I have a question. I loved your teaching on this subject. What I am needing to know is, do you still take a tenth from food in this period of time before eating it, and if so what do you do with it.? Since there is no longer a Temple or Priest, I understand giving thanks to G-d for the food and drinks, but I don't understand why you would take a tenth out of what you are going to eat now. And as I asked, what do you do with it now. I look forward to hearing your answer and appreciate your wisdom and teaching.
Shalom and have a great day. Reply

Learn how to study Talmud line-by-line and word-by-word. In this intermediate level class you will learn to understand the unique give-and-take style of Talmudic argument. Text for this class is Chapter Seven of Tractate Brachot (folio 45a).
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