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Introduction to a Chassidic Discourse

What is a maamar?

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Introduction to a Chassidic Discourse: What is a maamar?

Maamar "If Tomorrow Your Child Asks You"  
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Haggadah, Wise Son, Edot, Chukim & Mishpatim, Maamar

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Michele Gross April 7, 2019

This video came on autoplay after I watched a previous emailed video, and answered ALL of the questions I had after pondering the previous video! Thank you Rabbi Freeman!
It was miraculous! BH Reply

Alice Baertsch Luzern November 18, 2018

Thank you Rebbe Freeman for the shiur "what is a Maamar" and your explanation and further impulsion. I very much appreciate this channel and therefore I want to express my thankfullness to you. Reply

James l. Cooley .Topeka,KANSAS May 17, 2015

.Thank you Rabbi Tzvi. great teacher!!! Reply

Carmen April 7, 2011

Re:Re Question Well then we could also ask why not the Sages of the Talmud.

I am not very acquainted with the Talmud, actually, almost nothing, but I think that the Sages of the Talmud dealt with the Torah in a perspective that didn't plunge into the Torah directly.

Maybe you can tell us what was the perspective they ulilized...

I think that was a language that wandered –let’s say-in the aura of Torah. Is this correct?

Moses knew everything. He didn’t need to explore Torah, because he knew already everything, since he was the greatest prophet.

I related Rashi to Maamar because I understood that he was the first-with his hidden notes, to develop Torah directly from Torah, not with only his mind but with divine inspiration, which is what makes a Maamar. Reply

Rabbi Tzvi Freeman via April 7, 2011

Re: Question Why would we say that? Why not Moses? Reply

Carmen April 6, 2011

Question: Could we say that the first Maamar is attributed to Rashi? Reply

Carmen April 5, 2011

My life is a Maamar;your life is a Maamar... The life of every sincere person, of every sincere Jew is a Maamar...

A musician does not only need to make the music longer;he yearns to do the music beautifull;he yearns to do the music to express something G-dly and infinitely beautifull that will touch others deeply and awake them somehow..

Life is an attempt to do a Maamar;to approach G-d more and more with our acts and words. Reply

Carmen April 4, 2011

Maamar So, a maamar is( and should be) a constant Chabad:Chochmah,Binah and Daat beeing applied.
It's an exercise of actualizing Torah.

So,every gathering of Jews and Jewesses should have the purpose of creating a new maamar.

So,Jews and Jewesses should not be patient listeners but active thinkers and active and creative souls...

When this concept is not applied or supressed from a gathering of Jews and Jewesses,justice and truth have failed to be actualized... Reply

Jurgen Ras Pretoria, SA March 31, 2011

Re: Introduction to a Chassidic Discours Thank you Rabbi Tzvi - it is educational and refreshing! I just watched on Sunday a documentary on the history of the Jewish community in South Africa. Blessings, Jurgen Ras, South Africa. Reply

a talmida northern, israel March 28, 2011

todah rabah rabah looking forward to the continuation.
appreciate the explanation of the basics - of the foundation. delightful to know about the co-incidence with the development of structure in musical composition. yeshar koach! Reply

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